Min: $0 Max: $600

Tanks Inc. 28-31 Ford Fuel Tanks


The easiest type of conversion does not utilize the ‘32 frame horn covers or the '32 bumper. Simply assemble the tank, the frame horns, the spreader bar and your fabricated crossmember into a "unit” and jack it up into place to achieve the look you want… then fabricate the connecting members up to your frame.

If you are using the ’32 frame horn covers to complete the "Deuce look” they will be the key determining factor in locating the tank.  The frame horn covers bolt into the same holes as the spreader bar, and they also bolt onto the inside edge of the '32 fenders. The "A" fenders do not have bolting flanges, so most rodders merely move the "unit" forward until the covers sit slightly ahead of the fenders and create the illusion that they are bolted together. You can also modify the covers for a perfect fit to the fenders… or even add a flange to the “A“ fenders... It’s up to you. After all, Model A’s never came with ‘32-style tanks, so you can use your imagination!