Tanks Inc. - 1928-29 Ford Poly Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks - 28EZ

1928-29 Ford Poly Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks - 28EZ

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1928-29 Ford Poly Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks - 28EZ

  • 1928-29 Ford Saddle Tanks
  • High-Density Polyethylene - Heavy Wall Construction
  • Pickup Tube & Vent - Top-Mounted as Required by Federal Code
  • Remote Mount Rollover Vent Valve Included
  • 7 Gallons Per Side
  • Switchover Valve Included
  • Accepts All 5-Hole Senders - VDO, SW, Classic, etc. (2 Senders Required)
  • Toggle Switch Sold Separately
  • Splash Apron Plug and Grommets Included
  • Push-Thru Caps Included
  • Overall Size: 38" x 7-3/4" x 9-1/2"
  • NOTE: The 1928-29 Ford Model A saddle fuel tanks are not recommended for Fuel Injected cars & trucks.  Each tank requires its own 5 bolt hole fuel sending unit.

    Since these tanks bolt to the outside of the frame the original mechanical brakes can not be used with these tanks.

Model A Saddle Tank Install

Bolt on with running board brackets... Cut 1.5" hole in splash apron... Install Grommet and billet cap plug... Plumb and wire... Done!

Works on cars and trucks.


The 1-3/4" diameter Billet Cap-Plugs & Grommets are included with both Model A fuel tank kits. To fill your saddle tanks, remove billet cap-plug, insert fuel nozzle through grommet and into the push-thru cap. it will open to let fuel pass through. When finished remove the fuel nozzle and the push-thru cap shuts. Now just insert the Billet plug and you're finished.