Painless Performance - Waterproof Fan Relay - 30130

Waterproof Fan Relay - 30130

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Painless Performance Waterproof Fan Relay - 30130

This is inexpensive protection for an electric fan and a vehicle's wire harness.  Provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage spikes and prevents the fan from back feeding voltage through the vehicle's wire harness.  An absolute necessity if adding a dash mounted manual on/off switch to your electric fan circuit.

This kit includes:

  1. Weatherproof SPST 35 Amp relay

  2. Weatherproof 30 Amp circuit breaker

  3. Weatherproof relay base with harness (6' input, 2' output)

  4. Weatherproof heat-shrinkable Crimp-on terminals

  5. Mounting hardware