Van Chase - McPhail Skull Shift Knob by Van Chase

McPhail Skull Shift Knob by Van Chase

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McPhail Skull Shift Knob

Measures approx. 2.75" w x 3.75" d x 2" h

Van Chase has been creating custom sculptures and products since 1998. Sculptures are 100% designed, manufactured, and painted in the USA. All shift knobs are cast from high quality urethane. Paint finishes are hand-airbrushed and paintbrush detailed with Sickens automotive urethane paint, and clear coated just like your car. All shift knobs come with a 16mm drilled and tapped hole that will accept one of our brass shift knobs bushings that are offered in kit form - standard or metric threaded.
If you are using a Lokar shifter, consider using Lokar's adapter kit. This kit allows the entire knob to push down in order to shift. It requires a standard bushing kit.