Clay Smith Cams - Clay Smith Cam Fuel Pressure Gauge - Black Face

Clay Smith Cam Fuel Pressure Gauge - Black Face

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Clay Smith Cam Fuel Pressure Gauge - Black Face

0-15 PSI Pressure Gauge Liquid Black Face 1/8" NPT with your favorite Mr Horsepower on the dial

Easy vent plug ensures an accurate reading every time. Marshall shock-proof gauges have rugged construction and are liquid filled for vibration dampening.

  • Case OD: 1.6" (40mm)
  • Bezel OD: 1.75" (45mm)
  • 1/8" NPT Center Back Connection
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Case
  • Brass Internals
  • Silicone Filled for Vibration Dampening
  • Acrylic Lens

1.5” Direct Mount Liquid Filled Gauge Instructions
Use wrench on HEX to tighten/loosen. DO NOT tighten/loosen by turning gauge case. Damage to the
gauge may occur and warranty will be void. Gauge connection is 1/8” NPT. Test connection for leaks. If a
leak is detected, determine the cause of the leak and repair. DO NOT operate if a leak is detected.

WARNING: Failure resulting in injury or damage may be caused by pressure beyond top of scale, excessive vibration or pressure pulsation, excessive instrument temperature, corrosion of the pressure containing parts or other misuse. DO NOT USE ON OXYGEN SERVICE.

0-15 PSI Filled Gauges
If the gauge gets hot we recommend cooling or venting the case before taking a pressure reading to ensure an accurate reading.

Cooling the Gauge
You can reduce the pressure buildup inside the gauge case by wrapping the gauge case with a cold,
wet towel. Once the temperature of the gauge is at ambient temperature it will read correctly.

Venting the Gauge
Venting is easy to do and takes seconds. To vent the gauge carefully push the side of the vent plug (the part under the plug lip) with your thumbnail to equalize the gauge case pressure with the atmosphere (reference pressure). Do not remove the plug. See photo for an illustration of how to vent the gauge.

Venting a liquid filled gauge to equalize case pressure.

Why do I need to cool or vent the gauge?
All mechanical liquid filled gauge cases are sealed (to keep the liquid in) so as they heat up pressure will build up in the case (approx 1psi for every 30-40F temperature change). This case pressure exerts a force on the mechanical movement and offsets the actual process pressure. This effect is typically small and therefore is only noticed when measuring low pressures (i.e. on a 0-15 psi gauge). Venting or cooling the gauge reduces excess internal pressure and ensures an accurate reading.