Classic Instruments - 16 Pulse Generator - SN16

16 Pulse Generator - SN 16

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16 Pulse Generator - SN 16

The superior coil resistance of the Classic Pulse Signal Generator delivers a clean, sharp pulse. These Generators are available with a choice of fittings to connect directly to most metric, GMC, Ford (from the early torque-tube type speedometer drives to the latest electronic automatic overdrives), and some Chrysler transmissions. 

 “If you plan on using an early Ford-O-Matic, please contact Classic Instruments for speedometer sending unit options.  Early Ford-O-Matics have a specific speedometer cable connection that requires a separate special adapter.

 Some Mopar transmissions do not have a speedometer cable output.  If you plan on using a Mopar transmission, check the rear of the transmission for a speedometer cable connection where a standard sending unit will thread on.  If none is present, please contact our tech department for other speedometer sender options.”  

Porsche or VW with front-hub cable drive will use a 48" flexible cable and the Classic remote-sensor (the type of cable tip required to fit VW-Porsche will be similar to that shown in Photo 1 below and labeled "VW-Type"). 

The image above shows the Ford-type Speed Sensor that can be used on most Ford transmission since the mid-60's. 

It is designed to plug directly into most C4-C6, Mustang, Cobra, and other similar transmissions having a plug-in hole. 

This unit will generate the 16-pulse per revolution ( 16,000 pulses per mile ) signal required to correctly operate your Classic Speedometer.