ASRNova Fuel Delivery

ASRNova Fuel Delivery

Rex goes over the various products from Tanks, Inc. that are going into the ASRNova Project.

The ASRNova is getting a FITech Fuel Injection system to increase power, drivability, reliability and fuel economy, but that system won't work without a good source of fuel. 

We're installing a Tanks, Inc. Fuel tank in the ASRNova along with a new fuel pump, floatless tube sender, straps, hoses and fittings. All of that to ensure that the fuel injection has what it needs on demand so when the gas pedal gets pushed, the car goes!




Parts in this video:

Fuel Tank


Floatless Tube Sender

Fuel Pump

Hose Kit


Give us a call to get one on one advice for what your car needs 620-792-2836 


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